Control legendary warriors such as Targa Wrathbringer, Kel Hawkbow and Malar Storm’Spear on their journey to save Danalor from hordes of monsters and demons. Unleash the forces of nature, brew powerful storms and punish foes with clouds of powerful poisoned arrows.


    Danalor is in danger, and only blade and magic will slay the vile demons that seek to take it over. Adventure through magical lands, discover the mysteries of long lost runes and try desperately to find the key to saving the world that you hold dear from minions of a darker dimension.


    Gigantic tentacles, trolls, necromancers and dragons are only some of the creatures that will fall to the blades of your armies, all with unique abilities, spells and weaknesses. Prepare to face terrible poisons, regeneration, scorching flames and twisted necrotic magic.


    The demons aren’t the only ones with tricks up their sleeves. Gather crusaders, ninjas, archers and sorcerers to keep the evil forces at bay, also with their own unique powers and weaknesses. Wield powerful magic, poison arrows, gigantic barrels of explosives and much more!

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